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Updates at Marquette Mountain Ski Area!

Hello old friends and new!

Did you know that Marquette Mountain is under new management? The updates are amazing.

From their Facebook page:

"In May the owner decided to fund a new LED lighting system for the mountain. Engineering is done and site work has started. You’ll be enjoying night skiing from Cliffs all the way to Ridge in better light than you’ve ever had. And we will ski at night, every night.

Then we bought 20 snow guns. We’ll make snow.

Then we bought a brand new groomer, a low hours second groomer and fixed our other groomer. We’ll groom snow.

We decided that skiing was too pricey for families, well everybody, so we cut prices almost in half. Season Passes are $249. Period. Students (7 and up) $99. The Daily Lift Ticket will be $25. Period. I hope you can now afford to enjoy that properly made properly groomed snow.

We also thought our food and beverage prices were too high so we redid the whole menu and cut our bar pricing. You can now pop in to the Carp River Saloon (open EVERY DAY at 12 noon) and get a half pound prime burger and waffle fries AND a cold draft beer for $12 bucks (plus tax and tip of course) oh and that beer will come out of our new chilled 6 tap system. And the great friendly staff of the Carp River Saloon are busy every day cleaning, polishing, painting, organizing and generally doing anything they can to make your visit more pleasant. Then there’s the live music Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Yup, really.

We thought the old Mt Shop was kind of a dungeon and we needed to get all retail in one place so this month we’ll be moving all retail, apparel, soft goods, tickets and rental purchase upstairs to what was the Alpine Room. Bigger, brighter, cheerier and much more accessible to the mountain. By the way we’re out of the hard goods business. If you want to buy skis, boards, boots and poles Marquette has a couple great shops that will be great to visit.

And yes we replaced or are replacing all the busted leaky doors and painted the building.

There’s a lot more going on and if any of our friends want to know more we’re happy to visit and answer questions.

Bikers. Sorry with everything going on we just couldn’t get in the game for you this year. We want you to know that we’ve been listening and 2019 is your year. But the mountain trails are there now, we blow them clean frequently and you’re welcome to ride. Just be careful because there’s equipment and people working all over the mountain.

Finally, we’ll be ready to make snow by November 15th. If it’s at all possible WE WILL SKI THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING.

And we never again will close in April with 30 inches of new snow on the mountain."

So, now is the time to book for the winter! We are filling weeks and people are checking with their friends and family, so some dates are possibly already taken even though they are not marked off on the calendar. Call 906.236.2702 to check on dates.

This year the outdoor fire pit will be accessible throughout the winter because the grass has had a chance to grow in safely.

We'll talk to you soon!

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