Explore Marquette and the surrounding area.  So many things to do!

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Ore Boat From McCarty's Cove
McCarty's Cove is the great beach next to the Marquette Coast Guard Station.
Famous Ore Dock
Lower Harbor ore dock. Not working but historic.
Lower Harbor Breakwall
One of our favorite places to walk and think.
Ore Dock
Up close and personal! There have been so many ideas of what to do with this. Thankfully it is still there.
Yooper Flag
Once a Yooper, always a Yooper.
Walking the Breakwall
Walking back from the breakwall. Marquette Lower Harbor
Marquette Mountain
Makin' snow at the ski hill! Cliffs Ridge is named after Cliffs Ridge Run at the top of Rocket. You can see our roof from there!
Life Guard Station
The beach between the Coast Guard Station and Picnic Rocks.
Ore Boat Behind the Lighthouse
Ore boat headed for the Upper Harbor ore dock; passing behind the Coast Guard Station.
Martini on the Deck
Martini at Elizabeth's Chop House. On the deck with girlfriends. Yum.
Lower Harbor Lilacs
Lilacs while walking on the bikepath. Marquette has 35 miles of interconnected bike and walking paths. Where will you go?
Marquette Mountain Ski Area, one mile from Cliffs Ridge
Cliffs Ridge is exactly one mile from the ski hill. Closest accommodation!
Clancy Lakewood Lane
Clancy chasing waves. Love this beach, but it is private.
Marquette from Lakewood Lane in Harvey
Looking at Marquette skyline from the beach at Lakewood Lane.
Clancy on the Bikepath_
Walking and enjoying the view of Lake Superior.
Marquette Harbor Lighthouse Coast Guard Station_
The Lighthouse! As an artist, I have painted this hundreds of times and could do it blindfolded. Tours are available at the Marquette Maritime Museum.
Bayou Lake Superior Sunrise
Camp sunrise at Lakewood Lane.
Bring Your Own Hammock
Hammocks hanging out at The Island.
Clancy Catching Waves
Walking in the water. Lake Superior cures whatever may ail you. Promised.
Lower Harbor sailing cruises.
Let's Go Around the Island!
Entrance to Presque Isle. Pronounced the French way.
Lake Independence From Perkins Park
Perkins Park. In the Jimmy Stewart movie "Anatomy of a Murder".
Lambros' Park
The newest park in the Marquette system, Clark Lambros was a Marquette icon. Vango's, his restaurant, is still open on Third Street and is a definite must-do for guests.
Lower Harbor View
From Mattson Park, Lower Harbor.
Mattson Park.
Home of Harbor Fest, Fourth of July events, BrewFest, JazzFest, and so much more.
Mattson Park
So much to do here!
Newest Lakeside Park
Pirate Galeon
Presque Isle
Let's go around the Island! Marquette institution. Jump off Black Rocks, get an ice cream cone. Watch for deer! You can also walk the Upper Harbor breakwall here.
Pride of Balitmore II
Tall ships were here on their Great Lakes tour!
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